The Surety business is a member of the Tokio Marine Group.


Improve the capital value of your business through the application of Surety risk mitigation solutions that will free up collateral and cash flow. 


Our business has an Australian focus and is supported by the Tokio Marine Group.

Performance Bonds

Provides security to the beneficiary against contractor non-performance or default, and supports contractor obligations during the contract period, and generally, more specifically through the construction phase of the contract.

Bid Bonds

Supports a contractor's bid or tender to ensure that they will enter into a contract if accepted: demonstrates the financial capacity to enter the contract.

Advance Payment bonds

Secures the beneficiary's position on funds advanced to the contractor in recognition of early contract tendering expenses or payment in advance of works being completed; this is common with large government contracts.

Retention Release Bonds

This is another name for performance/maintenance bonds as contracts allow for retentions to be held back from progress payments or for security covering the same value.

Maintenance Bonds

Secures contractor's post-practical completion obligations during the warranty or latent defects period, usually 3-12 months post-practical completion or the final completion date.

Off-Site Material Bonds

Used when goods or materials are held off site and paid for by the beneficiary. The bond responds if the goods or materials are not available when required for use in the contract – the bonds reduce when goods or materials are fixed to the site. The underlying issue/risk falls back to performance or non-performance under the contract.

Petroleum Bonds (Fuel Bonds)

Fuel Bonds are a form of surety known as a supply bond for the payment of the delivery of fuel and provides retail and wholesale petroleum dealers with an alternative form of contractual security to their existing bank guarantees facilities. This product is unconditional and recognised and accepted by all the leading oil companies and will be targeted to our existing and future clients who are the known larger participants in this industry.

Lease Bonds

A lease bond is an unconditional undertaking that guarantees performance to a beneficiary that the lessee will abide and comply with the terms and conditions as stipulated in a lease agreement. The terms of these leases will vary from bond to bond, however the underlying obligations will remain the same. Essentially these bonds include:

1. “Make Good Bonds”
Covers the risk that a premises is maintained at an agreed level of physical condition;

2. “Lease Incentive Bonds”
Covers the risk of a new tenant defaulting on their contractual lease obligations once they have received the benefit of an incentive to enter into another lease; and

3. “Lease Payment Bonds”
Covers the risk of non-payment of a lease, with the amount usually structured as an agreed component of an annual payment or as is deemed commercially accepted pursuant to an agreed lease contract.



Murray Ironfield, Head of Surety

Murray has over 40 years’ experience in the Australian banking and finance markets, where he has held senior roles in both the surety and banking sectors. He joined BCC Surety on October 30, 2013 as the operation’s second hire and became the National Underwriting Manager. Then in March 2016 he took on the role of Head of Surety. As a leader, Murray believes in structuring teams in a way that team members are mentored and encouraged to become leaders in their field.

Prior to joining BCC Surety, Murray successfully co-founded an Australian surety business, which he was with for ten years. He also helped established some of the organisation’s international operations and became the global contact for all surety business units in London, Paris, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. Over the past 19 years Murray has maintained a strong relationship with the Australian Surety Association (ASA), where he has held senior positions including President and Vice President. He has also played vital roles in various sub committees and working parties, which have presented to government, to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and to independent ratings agencies. Murray is also an active member of the Australian Institute of Public Accountants.



Toby has two decades of experience in the insurance industry covering the full spectrum of insurance and reinsurance company operations. Toby commenced his career at Munich Re taking on several leadership roles, involving a number of business areas that required a strong understanding of domestic and international insurance solutions, including business development, underwriting, financial and operational management. Before leaving Munich Re he was, Corporate Manager of Great Lakes Australia a specialist insurer within the Munich Re (Group).

In 2012, Toby moved to Austagencies, one of Australia’s leading underwriting agencies, as General Manager where he lead the development of innovative new products and focused on delivering operational efficiencies, increased profitability, and organisational growth year on year.

In his current role as Executive Director at the Bond and Credit Company, Toby is building and leading a new style of underwriting agency in Australia which focuses on bancassurance  business with a solutions focus for selected clients in the Australian market.



Scott has over 30 years’ experience supporting customers in the financial services sector, where he has held senior roles for major international and domestic banking and insurance institutions. He has an extensive background in investment banking and is a leading authority on contract surety bonds in the bancassurance market. Scott is the principal of a leading, solutions-based bancassurance underwriting agency that now forms an integral part of the Bond & Credit Company.

Scott'ssuccess is built on his approach, which is both collaborative and consultative as he negotiates with key stakeholders, including treasury, strategic, product development and regulatory bodies, to develop new capital management solutions for both the public and private sectors. Scott has created many transaction solutions covering a wide range of asset and product classes, which is testimony to his strong C-level relationships.



Peter Kohlmann joined the BBC Surety Team in June 2015. Peter has worked in the Australian Surety industry since 1999 when he joined AP Surety as Group General Manager. Following a management buyout Peter became a principal of the business which later formed a joint venture with a major insurer and the business ultimately being acquired by the insurer, in 2011.

Prior to joining the Surety market Peter gained extensive experience in the Australia banking sector. Commencing with the ANZ Bank where he undertook both front and back office roles through to international trade, credit assessment and managerial positions. This continued with Lloyds Bank ANZ, Barclays Bank Group and St George. During the accumulation of 20 years banking sector experience, Peter completed an MBA.


Head of Surety
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Underwriting Manager
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National Underwriting Manager
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Senior Underwriter
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Underwriting Manager
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